Since I was in college I have felt a calling to serve the local church. I believe the local congregation is the best tool we have for bringing the Kingdom of God to earth.

Through my career I have served many kinds of churches. I am convinced that the health of a church is more important to the sharing of the Gospel than any one style of worship, program, or initiative.

Church health comes through a willingness to be authentic before God and with each other. It comes from mutual submission and looking out for the other rather than the self. It comes from asking “Is it loving” before any action. And it comes from a deliberate openness to the Creator, an intense focus on Christ, and a radical dependence on the Spirit.

Church health is harmed when the congregation begins to focus on rules instead of love – when there is more concern about process than people. It is also harmed when the focus of the congregation is placed somewhere other than Christ.

Over the years my personal faith has seen ups and downs. It has grown. It has faltered. It has thrived. It has stagnated. But through it all I have internalized these facts:

God is love.

God invites me into love.

Jesus is the way.

Nothing else really matters.

A more detailed Faith Statement and resume is available upon request.

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